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this looks like a slightly more fleshed out version of a browser game i played called civ clicker.

This one's dangerous.. congrats! ^^

Hey. This game is beautiful. Have you released this to market?

It's interesting to see how you managed to combine the genres of resource management games with the clicker game. <3 And the pixel art is really beautiful! Especially the rotating windmill has a place in my heart. :) A nice little  'time killer', clickclickclick... :D That's why I included this entry in our compilation article about the 1-Bit Clicker jam as well as in the related showcase video, along with two other fantastic entries. :) Keep up the great work!

Best wishes,

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Great game! Really impressive!

Thank you!

Downloaded your game because it looks fun, one issue is that my monitor is at 4k and I cannot see your game, how do I increase the window size?

Wooow, Your Game Is Awesome!!!!


Thank you very much! :)

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